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How would he look to his friends if he refused? Reluctantly he pushed the boat out into deeper water. Jesus stood up in the boat and began teaching the crowd. Peter tried to ignore him as he continued tidying up the boat, but even through his frustration the words spoken by this young man captured his attention.

His teaching was not pompous and full of religious pleasantries like other teachers of the law. The words of Jesus were simple, straight to the point, and practical. Jesus had captured Peter's attention, but now he was ready to capture his heart.

When he finished his sermon he called to Peter, "Simon, take your boat out into the deeper water and let down your nets for a catch. Peter had just finished stowing away his neatly-folded nets. The impromptu religious service was over. The boat was tidy. It was time to go home for a few hours of sleep.

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Who did this teacher think he was talking to, anyway? The fish weren't cooperating.

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Standing chest-deep in the water next to his boat Simon paused for a moment to asses the situation. He didn't want to be rude. After all, this was an impressive teacher of the law. Looking up at Jesus he responded with a slight laugh, "Master, we have fished all night and caught nothing. He paused and waited for Jesus to respond. Surely he would yield to the wisdom of a seasoned fisherman. But Jesus didn't bat an eye. He simply smiled and waited for Peter to enter the world of wonder that lay before him. The seafarer looked around for support from his partners, but their raised eyebrows and puzzled looks provided no way of escape for him.

The whole town stood on the muddy shoreline waiting for his response.

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Again he laughed and turned his face toward Jesus. Slowly the words slipped passed his lips, "But at your word, we'll let down our nets. Though they were exhausted, the small band smiled as they climbed into the boats and pushed out to sea -- destined to begin an adventure of faith that would take them beyond their wildest dreams. Peter knew exactly where he wanted to go; just out far enough to be in the deep water, but not so far that they couldn't get back to shore quickly when they proved to Jesus who knew more about fishing. The young rabbi sat silently in the bow of the vessel -- a slight smile raised the corners of his mouth as he watched the men methodically carry out their assignments.

The No Nonsense Biblical Man - Part 1 with Nate Holdridge / 2019 Central Wash CC Mens Retreat

Peter was particularly gruff as he barked out orders to the other men. He was used to being in charge, and he didn't like being led where he didn't want to go, especially when he was tired.

The No-Nonsense Biblical Man by Nate Holdridge (2013, Paperback)

Keep the lines tight," he snarled at the youngest, and most impressionable of the group. At the count of three they heaved the nets into the turquoise-colored water. Immediately the nets churned with activity. Across the surface of the sea, silver-bellied fish slithered over each other in a frenzied dance. Instinct took over and Peter hollered, "Bring it in, bring it in. The weight of the catch was so massive that the nets themselves began to break.

U have given a good example why so many turn from and wont consider going to christanity. What is wrong with u, anyone shows a ligitimate question about the bible and faith and they all of a sudden become human garbage to u? That bible u clutch and worship states u should not worship and lets not forget the church building u cant have salvation without. It seems to no where in the bible does it say god is jesus it says jesus was son of god. The god and jesus interchange was made up by man. Anyone who goes trugh this much trouble to create a fanciful afterlife are the ones who fear death.

I have no fear of death because i do my relationshipnt care what happens to me once i die. Sorry typos…analog keyboard lagging. Bible worshipping equals worshipping an object. And christians say u have to b in church to b saved. But isnt god in everything?

The No-Nonsense Biblical Man by Nate Holdridge

And after i die wont care bc ill b dead. Whateve4 happens is how its supposed to b. Oh and wat i didnt cover n earlier post if god knows everything and jesus is god why did jesus ask so many questions. And if god already knows what we r going to do why go through the mascerade why not just snatch up the ones he wants and end the rest ahead of time.

And when the angels rebelled y did god have to b told about it. And again with noah y did the angel have to inform god. And how could there even be a war, god could just smite the angels ahead of time bc he knew theyd rebel.

The concept of free will and god knowing everything contradict each other. By this reasoning we should believe in many gods and every person who during jesus time, before him and since him have claimed to be children of gods, virgin births ect. Also i find it strange u arent explaining the contradictions of the bible which is wat this article is about.

Just preach and ignore evidence that the bible is not divine inspired. If it were it wouldnt b so full of mistakes, contradictions and outright fairy tales. Hey friends. A thoughtful response by an ivy leaguer, as one might expect. Its not an accident that there is a well-established inverse correlation between intelligence and religiosity. Its because the more the idea of God is scrutinized, the less plausible it becomes. Now this is more like it, sir. And you are very, very wrong about my upbringing. I was raised, mind you, in a communist country, where the very mention of the word God or the name Jesus Christ was forbidden.

And I shall agree that happiness is not necessarily truth. But have you seen happy people living a lie?

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  4. That is why I smile at those who think it degrading for a man to dine with his slave. But why should they think it degrading? It is only purse-proud etiquette… All night long they must stand about hungry and dumb… They are not enemies when we acquire them; we make them enemies… This is the kernel of my advice: Treat your inferiors as you would be treated by your betters.

    The bible has YawehJesus ordering the enslavement of people…including virgins as sex slaves, raped.