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Abstract: This series was created to document the activities of Patrick J. As Special Assistant to the President, Pat Buchanan's assigned duties were related to written communication. For the most part, this was in the form of daily news briefings, background information for press conferences, and political campaign data gathered for partisan purposes in the election.

Open for research. Some materials may be unavailable based upon categories of materials exempt from public release established in the Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act of Most government records are in the public domain, however, this series includes commercial materials, such as newspaper clippings, that may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Researchers should contact the copyright holder for information. Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.

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In accordance with the Act and regulations, archivists have reviewed the materials to identify personal and private materials and non-historical items, which have been returned or offered for return to the owners [creator]. In , he earned a M. He began writing for the St. His positions included speech writer, research director, press assistant, political aide, and executive assistant to Richard Nixon. During that time, Nixon was a Republican campaigner and later the Republican presidential candidate. Scarney, a White House receptionist, in Buchanan resigned from the White House staff in October Buchanan worked extensively as a journalist, columnist and political commentator during the period of to His syndicated column for Special Features, Inc.

He returned to his syndicated column and commentary work after leaving the Reagan administration. He founded The American Cause conservative educational foundation in In both and , he unsuccessfully sought the Republican Party nomination for President. Buchanan eventually won the nomination after a September ruling by the Federal Election Commission. He came in fourth in the election and subsequently returned to the Republican Party in The program ran until November Subsequently, he appeared on numerous politically-oriented television programs over the next eight years, including Scarborough Country, Morning Joe, Hardball and The Rachel Maddow Show.

And it is time my old colleagues, the columnists and commentators, looking down on us tonight from their anchor booths and sky boxes, gave Ronald Reagan the credit he deserves—for leading America to victory in the Cold War. Most of all, Ronald Reagan made us proud to be Americans again. We never felt better about our country; and we never stood taller in the eyes of the world. But we are here, not only to celebrate, but to nominate. And an American president has many, many roles. He is our first diplomat, the architect of American foreign policy. And which of these two men is more qualified for that role?

As vice president, he co-authored the policies that won the Cold War.

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And Mr. House of Pancakes. At its top is unrestricted abortion on demand. Bill Clinton supports school choice—but only for state-run schools. Parents who send their children to Christian schools, or Catholic schools, need not apply. Elect me, and you get two for the price of one, Mr Clinton says of his lawyer-spouse.

And what does Hillary believe? Well, Hillary believes that year-olds should have a right to sue their parents, and she has compared marriage as an institution to slavery—and life on an Indian reservation.

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Friends, this is radical feminism. But it is not the kind of change America wants. It is not the kind of change America needs. A president is also commander in chief, the man we empower to send sons and brothers, fathers and friends, to war. George Bush was 17 when they bombed Pearl Harbor. He left his high school class, walked down to the recruiting office, and signed up to become the youngest fighter pilot in the Pacific war. And Mr Clinton?

Which of these two men has won the moral authority to call on Americans to put their lives at risk? I suggest, respectfully, it is the patriot and war hero, Navy Lieutenant J. George Herbert Walker Bush. My friends, this campaign is about philosophy, and it is about character; and George Bush wins on both counts—going away; and it is time all of us came home and stood beside him. As running mate, Mr Clinton chose Albert Gore.

Watergate Hearings: Patrick J. Buchanan (Sep 26 1973)

And just how moderate is Prince Albert? Well, according to the Taxpayers Union, Al Gore beat out Teddy Kennedy, two straight years, for the title of biggest spender in the Senate. In New York, Mr Gore made a startling declaration.

The central organizing principle of this republic is freedom. One year ago, my friends, I could not have dreamt I would be here. But I disagreed with the president; and so we challenged the president in the Republican primaries and fought as best we could. From February to June, he won 33 primaries. But tonight I want to talk to the 3 million Americans who voted for me.

I will never forget you, nor the great honor you have done me. But I do believe, deep in my heart, that the right place for us to be now—in this presidential campaign—is right beside George Bush. The party is our home; this party is where we belong. Yes, we disagreed with President Bush, but we stand with him for freedom to choice religious schools, and we stand with him against the amoral idea that gay and lesbian couples should have the same standing in law as married men and women. We stand with President Bush for right-to-life, and for voluntary prayer in the public schools, and against putting American women in combat.

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And we stand with President Bush in favor of the right of small towns and communities to control the raw sewage of pornography that pollutes our popular culture. We stand with President Bush in favor of federal judges who interpret the law as written, and against Supreme Court justices who think they have a mandate to rewrite our Constitution. My friends, this election is about much more than who gets what. It is about who we are. It is about what we believe.