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Now, on to something I really love, the terminology, which has a lot of roots in ancient mythology. The werewolves have many private pack terms….

Laurell K. Hamilton’s Werewolves

Ulfric : The supreme alpha male of the pack. He is the boss, the pack leader. Theoretically, female weres may become Ulfric, but female Ulfrics are rare because the strongest males normally have a significant strength advantage over even the strongest females. Fenrir : An official challenger to the Ulfric, named after Fenrisulfr or Fenrir, the wolf that is destined to kill Odin in Norse mythology. Remember when I said to be pack leader you have to kill the current boss aka Ulfric, well this is the challenger.

The Bolverk carries out punishments or performs duties the Ulfric does not want to do himself, or if he is not available to do so.

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Usually the tasks assigned to the Bolverk are the bad jobs, like having to kill a rogue member. Often at times the Bolverk is used as almost as a bogeyman to make other wolves behave. Eranthe and Eros : Eranthe, and Eros, the god of love or lust. For the werewolves, these roles are held by other werewolves who help the new werewolves learn to control themselves and their physical form during sex, usually to prevent the change from human to wolf during sexual release. Young wolves have control issues, haha. Almost always the most dominate of females or in some cases simply the chosen one.

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Freyja : A lupa who declares herself independent of the Ulfric and challenges the Ulfric to reclaim her. Any male wolf may win her by having sex with her.

The male wolves will do anything, including kill each other, to win her. Tag: Being Human. Tag: Shadowhunters. Tag: Teen Wolf. Tag: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Tag: Lost Girl. Tag: True Blood. Tag: lists. Top stories. When Asgardians walked the Earth.

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  6. Lucian Graymark, aka Luke Garroway Shadowhunters. Jackson Whittemore Teen Wolf. Dyson Lost Girl. Maia Roberts Shadowhunters. Alcide Herveaux True Blood. Except every week in your inbox. Your email. Sign in to comment:. Sign out:. It is also assumed, but not confirmed that a third method exists: inheriting the position in a Pack by a defined line of succession.

    Laura Hale became an Alpha and she was presumed to have been groomed by her mother Talia to succeed her. When the Hale Fire decimated her Pack, she'd supposedly inherited the position after having consensual sex with her younger sibling, Peter Hale. You can also stare into the eyes of a Ultima werewolf when it is mad. That is the most painful, and least likely to turn you into a second Ultima. The Bite, when used as a proper noun, refers to a bite from an Alpha, which can turn a human into a new Beta werewolf.

    The Bite requires no act of will by the Alpha to take effect. When Gerard Argent impaled his arm on Derek's fangs, Derek was unwilling, Gerard was counted as being Bitten, though because of the mountain ash in his system, Gerard did not turn, rejecting the Bite.

    If, however, the Bite does not take, it will eventually kill the human recipient. Derek's girlfriend Paige simply failed to transform because the Bite was fatal to her instead. The Bite, however, could transform the recipient into some other shapeshifter instead of a Beta, because "Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person you are. The Bite can also be used as a weapon against Kitsune.

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    Because the Bite changes the body of the recipient, it can exorcise the host of a Nogitsune or destroy a Void clone of said host. They can control their abilities and wolf tendencies very well and have more control even when in wolf form. Their empathy ability has progressed to telepathy, the ability to hear the thoughts of others.

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    Alpha's possess special abilities that other werewolves don't, including the ability to control their wolf forms, even on a full moon, and also have bright red eyes. Additionally, True Alpha's even possess abilities and can do things that even other normal Alphas don't or can't.

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    In battle, Alpha Werewolves can swiftly dodge any attack without having to think how to move their bodies first. In general, only something that moves at Alpha Werewolves-speed can render a Werewolves unnoticed to the motion. Part of this enhancement is based on the enhanced activity of their brains, which allows them to think and move much faster than humans. As they grow older and more disciplined,Alpha Werewolves can learn to smell differences between the scents of various humans' blood, as well as scents of other things like fabrics - the unique scent of denim.

    The range of their senses can be increased though only fractionally through concentration. Primordial Werewolves mostly rely on smell to find their prey and take in the environment, which is partly why they find the lack of breathing uncomfortable. Alpha Werewolves can hear the any muted sounds. When Bella became a Alpha Werewolf, she listened to the sound of rap music until it slowly faded away. She then realized that it was coming from a car with its window rolled down on a freeway, miles away from where she was.

    When she went on her first hunt, Bella could hear the fluttering wings and heartbeats of small birds flying through the forest. She could also hear the scurrying noises of animals that were beneath the ground, as well as an army of ants on the ground. They also have an instinctive reaction to danger, usually from ill-willed Alpha Werewolves.

    They can hear sounds coming from several miles away, and even with their eyes closed, they can be sure that there are multiple people in a room thanks to their varied breathing patterns. They can hear the sound of a heartbeat, a pulse thudding in a vein, and words spoken too quietly or too fast for humans to detect. They can hear whispered conversations, even ones in far of buildings and on phones and Alpha Werewolves can turn their enhanced hearing off, which explains why they can occasionally miss auditory warnings such as the footsteps of approaching enemies when they're paying attention to other things.

    Alpha Werewolves can also smell blood from several meters away, and see in total darkness. These senses improve and grow stronger with age and experience. While running, a Alpha Werewolves can see and sense everything that is around them, allowing them to keep tabs of their surroundings and avoid hitting anything unnecessarily. A Alpha Werewolves vision is incomparable.