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A crafted horseshoe symbolizes luck, encasing a star that shines as a beacon of hope within this charm of sterling silver. Add to Wish List. View Full Details. Horseshoe Charm. Quick View. Star Charm. Shooting Star Charm. Christmas Tree with Stars Charm. Cowboy Boots Charm. Small Cowboy Hat Charm. Write a Review.

A gift from my high school children for Mother's Day that I will treasure always. I have the smaller of the two bracelets and it's very roomy. Avery rep let us know that some people just change the size of the jump rings on the charms so that they can use them in different combinations.

We did just that and I love the versatility of these pieces. Max Heineman plays bass on the band cuts. Old-time banjo does not follow the rules of bluegrass. Sometimes the cuts can be slow and pensive. Here, it never gets that trashy sound that was so prevalent on commercial recordings in years gone by. We are treated to a wide sonic range, capturing many emotions and states of mind from introspection to joy. Great stuff for listening indeed.

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Merriweather Records, Crawford Rose Dr. Bob Buckingham. This excellent all-instrumental album demonstrates that there are still a very large number of pleasing note combinations to be discovered and formed into tunes, and Arnie Naiman has found some good ones. It is then an additional act of faith to put these tunes out on a CD for others to listen to, and hope that some of them will be picked up by other musicians and pass into the old-time repertoire.

Oh, for a time machine to look forward 25 years!

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And now we can move on and talk about the tunes themselves. These, I believe, are the most likely tunes to be learned by others. His creativity is most apparent on the slower, modal tunes, especially the ones which are played in a two-finger style instead of downpicking. For me, this was the least successful tune on the CD, but others may enjoy the varied rhythm and tempo.

I too am grateful both to the Government of Ontario and to Arnie Naiman and his friends for creating and recording these tunes for us to hear. Pete Peterson.


Produced with funding support from the Ontario Arts Council. Naiman has appeared on several other old-time CDs that we have carried over the years—mostly accompanied by Chris Coole on guitar. Naiman includes the banjo tunings for all of the 13 pieces. A good CD for the many fans of old time ban j o. Look at the liner notes. Each song lists the people that join Naiman, adding their stuff to his. Love that. No offense — but there is this week in Paris when trees look like salads so to speak.

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They have this very bright green for a week, almost like it is fluorescent. It is when the first sun is coming out after this long, boring and depressing winter. FM In order to win the race you need a good horse, it has to be on a good day, the jockey has to be good, the coach has to be good.

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Sorry for the stupid comparison, there is not one thing that will make you successful: it has to be a perfect mix. FM I wear Vetiver Extraordinaire today, so that would be my favourite today. My favourite perfume is the one I am currently working on because I get all excited about it.

I rediscovered classics like David Bowie and I listen to a lot of classical music.

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I listen to a lot of different things. Music is my drug, kind of like perfume.

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  • They are very much alike: they are abstract and they elevate you. One of the biggest sources of difficulty in my life is when my wife wants to listen to the radio and I have to hear all those shapeless songs — it makes me crazy and it is painful. FM At the moment I like rose. There are so many types of roses and they can be so many different things.

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    • It is THE classic thing. FM It was the first Armani perfume. That summer, for some reason I was wearing this. I only wore this for about three weeks.