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Update: Find out how to watch the partial lunar eclipse live online with these free webcasts! Tomorrow July 16 , the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 to land astronauts on the moon and two weeks after the moon totally eclipsed the sun, it will be the moon's turn to undergo an eclipse of its own.

What Is a Total Lunar Eclipse?

The full moon, in Sagittarius, will pass partway through the southern part of the Earth's shadow resulting in a partial lunar eclipse. Most of South America will see the moon rise already within the Earth's shadow.

The EVENT Horizon - 3 Days of Darkness, Chemtrails, Unexpected Eclipse (PART 3)

Conversely, for central and eastern Asia and Australia, the eclipse will still be in progress when the moon sets during the dawn hours of July Unfortunately, North America will be completely shut out; the eclipse occurs during the daytime with the moon below the horizon. This map shows the region of visibility for the partial lunar eclipse of July 16, In Coordinated Universal Time UTC , the moon will enter penumbra the weaker part of Earth's shadow at and umbra the darker part of Earth's shadow at The midpoint of the eclipse will come at The moon will leave umbra at and leave penumbra at on July 17, marking the end of the event.

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The moon will appear directly overhead, or very nearly so, from the Mozambique Channel. Composite image of the total solar eclipse from Driggs, Idaho.

Are you ready for five more incredible eclipses in ? In fact, contains a pantheon of eclipses of different types, and eclipse-chasers are getting excited. Known as Mr. However, before 'the big one' comes North America's celestial highlight of — a so-called 'Super Blood Wolf Moon'.

Earth Blocks the Sunlight

North and South America, plus Western Europe, will see — in clear skies — a total lunar eclipse from So why not? The spectacle is watching a Full Moon turn a copper-orange-reddish color during an hour-long 'totality' as our satellite passes through Earth's central shadow. It's only visible on the night-side of Earth, which includes South America, the eastern Pacific Ocean, western Atlantic Ocean, and extreme western Europe.

Totality is at p.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses | StarDate Online

PST on January 20 and a. The sun will be quite low in the western sky and, if the skies are clear, several planets and bright stars should be also visible. The big one — exactly like the total solar eclipse in the USA on August 21, — and the first one since. The eclipse-chasing community are, not surprisingly, mostly converging on Chile.

From there, about 2 minutes 20 seconds of totality will be experienced. The moon will be partially eclipsed on July 16, Eclipses always come in pairs, and sometimes a trio. The perfect positioning of the Moon on the ecliptic on July 2, causes a total solar eclipse, but two weeks later it's almost as well positioned when it's on the other side of Earth.