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Miyako reveals to the other kendo club members that Reimi has been harassing her because during middle school she refused to go out with the captain of the men's football team, whom Reimi had already been rejected by. Try as she might, Kirino is unable to remember the name of the potential fifth female member who's studying at Muroe High School. Armed with the name Satori Azuma, Kirino and Sayako begin to search for her.

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Mei joined the Seimei High kendo club to get along with her friends, but many of her friends quit the club as they couldn't take the teacher's strict training. They gear up for the practice match with the Muroe High kendo club. However, she had set her mind to quit after the practice match.

Toraji found out that Azuma didn't want to join the kendo club as her results in examinations were bad. Not because she wasn't able to do it, but she made careless mistakes. Nevertheless, Kirino drags her to the practice match. The episode concludes with the Muroe High kendo club training against the Seimei High kendo club. The Muroe High kendo club won all their matches against the Seimei High kendo club in the practice match.

Azuma, upon seeing Tamaki's strong kendo skills become motivated and took part in the practice match. Before that, Tamaki had a match with Azuma. Despite Azuma losing, she was impressed and therefore became motivated. Mei, from Seimei High School, who originally wanted to quit, decided to stay on, as she was impressed by Tamaki's skills. The episode end off when Tadaaki Hayashi, the Seimei High kendo club's teacher, competed with Toraji, the Muroe High kendo club's teacher, having Hayashi winning the match.

Kirino and Sayako continue their attempts to persuade Azuma to join the kendo club. Their attempts end only in tears.

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As they run through and around the school, Miyako hears their mobile lamentation and springs into action. She offers an excuse that she has cleaning duties, then sweetly dumps said duties onto her classmates. Alternating between a good friend, salesperson and snake cornering a frog she attempts to win over Azuma.

Due to a lack of funds, this intensive training will take place on the school grounds.

1. Kinkakuji Temple

It's training camp at the Muroe High kendo club, jointly with the Machido High kendo club that they had a practice match with. Tamaki's father sneaks around worried about the boys while the group cleans up the pool, fights over who gets to train with Tamaki, and takes a break at the bathhouse. After that, they have to deal with one of them sneaking away, pillow fights, Sayako's guitar, and even getting freaked out by the sleeping habits of their fellow students. The episode wraps up with Tama and Kirino, the latter who can't help but stay up and hold her bamboo sword a bit longer.

Camp ends and everyone returns home, but for Kirino, something more than a warm welcome awaits. The Muroe High kendo club faces against the Tozyo High kendo club.

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Kirino is worried by home troubles while the rest of the team worries about her, however. Sayako, sharing a deep connection with Kirino, is prepared to step up for the win and ease Kirino's burden. Despite these troubles, however, Kirino seems even more focused than ever, gaining her a win in her match against her opponent. Meanwhile, Tamaki is pulled into a deceitful web by a few girls from the Tozyo High kendo club. The tournament continues, with Tamaki seemingly in trouble with the other team's treacherous plots.

Konishi, a girl from the Tozyo High kendo club, purposely causes Tamaki to trip over tennis balls, inflicting an injury on her foot. Meanwhile, Azuma encounters a little bit of stomach troubles, ending her match in a tie, and Miyako is continuously haunted by Reimi's face, ending her match in a loss. Sayako does her duty to relieve Kirino's burden, and Kirino does her part as the team's captain. When Tamaki steps up, she has a little payback in store for Konishi. Toraji and Tamaki have a little talk and wounds are tended to. Since Tamaki and Konishi were both badly injured from their match, Kirino, from the Muroe High kendo club, and Aoki, from the Tozyo High kendo club, participate in a representative match.

The tournament ends, with at a loss, due to Kirino's lack of motivation and focus caused by her mother feeling better. The Muroe High kendo club is back at the kendo dojo as usual, with Sayako off somewhere and Tamaki all right.

Toraji takes Tamaki to the hospital while the other members of the Muroe High kendo club practice matches with each other. However, Miyako's sword breaks, so Miyako and Eiga go shopping for a new bamboo sword at the kendo store. Tamaki meets Ishibashi at the hospital, while Miyako and Eiga meet Carrie Nishikawa, an expatriate living in Japan, who falls in love with Eiga at first sight. Ishibashi, taking Tamaki back to her house, tells her she must understand what it is like to lose a match.

At the kendo store, Miyako challenges Carrie to a kendo match at the kendo dojo. Miyako notices that Carrie uses a double-sword technique, giving Carrie an advantage. Miyako loses the match, expectedly. As Carrie departs, she informs Miyako that she will return again. Toraji gives the Muroe High kendo club a vacation, since he has a business trip to schedule. They enter a quiz game show to win The Blade Bravers plush dolls.

Unfortunately, Rin wins the plush dolls, in a tie-breaker round. However, Rin gives up all the plush dolls, except the Shinaider plush doll, to Tamaki. Tamaki and Rin witness a scene for the Blade Bravers movie.

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They stay up late comparing whether Blade Braver or Shinaider is the better character. In the morning Tamaki and Rin, along with the production crew, go on location to film the new Blade Bravers movie, where an incident gets both of them the replacement roles in the new film. The rest of the Muroe High kendo club members either practice or take the day off doing what they want.

The episode concludes with Toraji returning from his business trip. The Muroe High kendo club goes to the Kanto High kendo tournament. It comes from the likelihood that poking a bamboo bush may flush a snake. It is a similar expression to, "let sleeping dogs lie. Bamboo is found all over in Japan because the warm, humid climate is well suited to its cultivation.

It is frequently used in construction and handicrafts. Shakuhachi, is a wind instrument made of bamboo. Bamboo sprouts takenoko also have long been used in Japanese cuisine. The pine, bamboo, and plum sho-chiku-bai are an auspicious combination symbolizing long life, hardiness, and vitality. The pine stands for longevity and endurance, and the bamboo is for flexibility and strength, and the plum represents a young spirit. This trio is often used in restaurants as a name for the three levels of quality and price of its offerings.

It is used instead of directly stating quality or price e.

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Sho- chiku-bai is also used for the name of a sake Japanese alcohol brand. Here is another example. Irregular verbs Group 3 verbs. Carved Dragon Nunchaku. Steel Nunchaku.

2. Achieve peace with Shinto and Buddhist practices

Ice Dragon Nunchaku with Grip. Corded Aluminum Hexagon Nunchaku.