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Using bitmap images in Flash 2. Working with bitmaps in Flash 2. Your turn: tracing bitmaps in Flash 2. Tracing an image 2. Optimizing the drawing 2. JPEG files and Flash 2. Working with GIF images 2. Working with GIF animations 2. You have learned 3. Symbols and Libraries 3. Symbol essentials 3. Symbol types 3.

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Graphic symbols 3. Button symbols 3. Movie clip symbols 3. Editing symbols 3. How 9-slice scaling works 3. Your turn: frames for an olive seller 3. The 9-slice "gotchas" 3.

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Sharing symbols 3. Sharing libraries 3. Filters and blend modes 3. Applying filters 3. Applying a Drop Shadow filter 3. Adding perspective 3. Some filter facts 3. Playing with blends 3. Managing content on the stage 3. Aligning objects on the stage 3. Snapping to the grid 3. Aligning with guides 3. Snapping in a guide layer and to pixels 3. Stacking order and using the Align panel 3. Using the Align panel 3.

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Masks and masking 3. A simple mask 3. Creating a masked animation 3. Using text as a mask 3. Your turn: a sunny day on Catalina Island 3. Adding the clouds 3. Getting the clouds in motion 3. Bonus round 3.

What you've learned 4. ActionScript Basics 4. The power of ActionScript 4. Actions panel components 4. Actions toolbox 4. Script navigator 4. Script pane 4.

Panel context menu 4. The Actions panel vs. Everything is an object 4. Classes 4. Properties 4. Using instance names 4. Setting properties via ActionScript 4. Methods 4. Events 4. Coding fundamentals 4. Syntax 4. Capitalization matters 4. Semicolons mark the end of a line 4. Mind your keywords 4. Commenting code 4. Dot notation 4. Scope 4. Variables 4. Data types 4. Operators 4. Conditional statements 4. Class files and the document class 4.

On migrating to ActionScript 3. Syntax checking 4. How to read the ActionScript 3. Getting help 4.

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Search tactics 4. Using ActionScript 4. Your turn: pause and loop with ActionScript 4. Pausing a timeline 4. Looping the Timeline 4. Using movie clips to control the timeline 4. Using Code Snippets 4.

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Adding a snippet into the Code Snippets panel 4. Code completion for custom classes 4. What you've learned 5. Audio in Flash CS5 5. Flash and the audio formats 5. Bit depth and sample rates 5. Flash and MP3 5. Adding audio to Flash 5. Importing an audio file 5.