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Beautiful choral settings of the mass are sung by the Choir of All Saints'. It is the start of our new "Program Year! All of the other worship offerings go "back" to the regular schedule and we kick off a wonderful year of worship filled with music by our returning choirs, Christian Education for all ages is back at am along with many, many opportunities for prayer, learning, service, and connection.

Blessings for pets of all sizes and kinds, Holy Communion for all people. Bring a leash or a crate as appropriate for your pet. Francis of Assisi.

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Everyone is invited. Bring friends, neighbors, family, and of course, their pets! But the am education class in Manning Hall is for all ages. Come enjoy this festive day to honor our Day School! His mission is to inspire disciples and empower evangelists, which is something he loves to preach and teach about, in the most entertaining way! He is a self-proclaimed church geek, but also a bona fide technology geek. Gunn will also be the guest presenter at our adult education class at am in Saint Barbara. Sunday, November 3, at pm in the Church -- Choral Prelude begins at pm.

The All Saints' Choirs perform. This service is a Holy Eucharist with incense. A reception follows the service. Enjoy the bagpipes and drums of the Mesa Caledonian Pipe Band. Wear your tartans. There is no better way to give thanks than to join in communion with your All Saints' family for the annual Thanksgiving Liturgy at the Holy Eucharist in the church. Be with us for this wonderful service of praise and thanksgiving.

Sign-up sheets will be in the narthex in late October or call the Church Office. Join us for this traditional seasonal favorite highlighting the beauty of choral music and the spoken Word. Advent lessons will be read by the clergy and ministry leaders of All Saints'. An organ recital follows the service at 5pm. A reception follows. That was Good News two-thousand years ago, and it is Good News today. The Watch is a vigil held in the Chapel of the Holy Innocents' through midnight for your prayer and contemplation.

Ash Wednesday March 6, Imposition of Ashes at all services: am, pm, pm. People are starving for God, starving to be their best selves, starving for what the best of what humanity can be. The big change is that people have stopped looking for God only within a traditional church setting. The real challenge we face together is not navigating the loss of God or Christian faith or Christ-like people doing inspiring things in the world.

The real challenge we face is navigating the change of identity and way of life that churchgoers like me, like us, are facing. Adventure, or die. Which implies a choice: We as a church community with people and relationships and buildings and traditions—we can either choose to embark on an adventure into uncharted territory, or we can choose to die. Church communities that are dying or already the walking dead are ones trying to hold onto to Christendom culture which is gone. I happened to love and admire and feel right at home in this bygone culture—I was made for Christendom.

The fact that Christendom culture with its blue laws and prayer in schools is gone is a loss, a loss I still grieve, and many of us grieve.

Anglican Church school education: moving beyond the first two hundred years

We need to recognize this seismic shift and tend to it in ourselves with compassion. People had manners and knew the Bible. Clergy could ride their bikes around the neighborhood and stop in for meals with people at all times of the day because someone was always home and everyone was Christian.

Life is so much more complicated, so much more expensive, so much more dangerous. But we must not get stuck here, in what is gone. I am someone acquainted with getting stuck in the past, stuck in my fear of death and losing. But we are also people of an Easter story which we tell in this Easter season. God is not dead and gone.

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God is alive and well and on the move in the world—doing just fine outside of the church and sometimes even in the church. What the church community of right now needs to do is to be what we were a long time ago—dig deep into our founding story—dig deep into the mind and heart of our founder, Jesus Christ himself. I do believe we are facing an adventure-or-die moment.

Pastors like me must become mission-based leaders and congregations like ours must become mission-based communities. Ironically, this does not look much like the Christendom church of fifty years ago—but it does look like the earliest years of this congregation and the earliest years of the Christian Church. Sunday is the time to be filled up and then sent: sent into Monday morning, sent into this city, sent into homes and workplaces and places of commerce.

Church History: Complete Documentary AD 33 to Present

Our deepest calling as Christ-followers is out there, not in here. Who is Jesus Christ for us today? Tend my sheep. Feed my sheep. In short, churches must keep adventuring or they will die. This is our time to let our light shine on a lamp stand, not to keep it under a bushel basket. And we have everything we need already—God has given it to us.

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This is the time in history when the church needs to tell the world again of another way to live, another way to be in the world, another way to treat people. The world needs the church now—this city needs our congregation now. What I dare to dream in this coming year is to embark on this adventure into uncharted territory with you.

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  • Older youth sharing their instrumental gifts. Adult Parish Choir volunteers singing more regularly, not less. Church leaders are already starting to shepherd this. The St. Not running from the world in fear, but reaching forth in love to the world.

    Anglican Church School Education

    It turns out this is how the congregation used its spaces in its first fifty years. There was a community library for the parish and the whole neighborhood. This is in our DNA! These are our roots and the roots of Jesus himself. The buildings and grounds that have been entrusted into our care are part of the solution, not part of the problem. God would show up, and God would make us able. But that is not our situation. We are instead stewards of beautiful, old buildings that have been entrusted to each and all of us together.

    I want to be on record for saying that I agree wholeheartedly with Church leaders who believe these buildings are worth investing in: For our faith community. For the neighborhood. For Chicago. The capital campaign for St. Not a pet project, a mission.